Mark Churms

Timothy Mark Churms was born in Wales but lived in England during most of his Childhood. Churms has painted professionally since age of 24. He began his career as a full-time artist in 1990, after graduating from Oxford Polytechnic with a degree in Architectural studies, where he realized is deep interests in Military history. He began by painting historical figures and battle scenes, and then had the most impressive paintings printed as posters and limited edition prints.

After living in Scotland for a few years, Churms moved to the United States. Churms moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1992 where he was hired as a Quality Control Manager for Phoenix Art Group Incorporated. Churms left Phoenix Art Group Inc. in 1993 to continue his career as an Historical Artist. In 1988 he moved to to Virginia, near Washington, D.C., then to Manhattan in New York to become the Vice President of In 2000 and moved to Brooklyn, where he witnessed the events of 9/11. In February of 2009 Mark became a US Citizen.

Over the years Mark Churms has engaged in a variety of subject matter within the historical realm but has also dabbled in more decorative paintings as well. His skills and ability to portray not only landscapes and historical events but people, animals and still-lifes has earned him critical acclaim and a large following of collectors a s well as the admiration that goes along with it. Mark Churms continues to publish his own military prints.


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USMA Class of 95 Print - On The High Ground by Mark Churms

Limited Edition Print
Signed and Numbered by the Artist
Edition Size: 500
Image Size: 20" x 16.50"
From $75.00

Minnesota to Route Michigan by Mark Churms

Limited Edition Print
Signed and Numbered by the Artist
Publisher Proof Edition [250]