Jason Bullard


Jason BullardSelf-taught artist and photographer Jason Bullard feels incredibly fortunate to have a career in the art industry and feels "When you are doing what you enjoy, you really never work a day in your life."

Early Life

In his early beginnings Jason started his career as a concept artist working with well known artists such as Jon McNaughton. He had a passion for digital art and photography and it was through these that he found his ability to express and create all of his images exactly as his mind visualized them. It was during his concept days when he began to learn and enjoy working with digital art and photography. 

Award Winning Artist

Jason has quickly become an award winning and best selling artist. He has an aggressive style that evokes emotion and a deep sense of patriotism. He has a natural ability to create art that pulls on the heart strings. He has a deep passion to illustrate, create, and honor those men and women who dedicate their lives to service and sacrifice. His success is illustrated in his latest series titled, "No Greater Love".