Picture of A Chorus Line by Braldt Bralds

A Chorus Line by Braldt Bralds

Artist: Braldt Bralds

Together now! Left foot first. Look in the same direction…” is what this chorus line’s choreographer must be thinking as he watches this performance. Look closely—furry faces are all facing forward and tails are gracefully curved upwards but…those 28 legs are anything but “in sync.” Braldt Bralds, our very own “Dutch Master,” pokes fun in a tongue in cheek way about the independent nature of cats. “They seem to go through life with an attitude of ‘nobody can teach me anything unless I want them to.’ And in this painting that seems to be their motto along with, ‘Okay, we’ll do it! But we’ll do it our way!’” Bold and graphic, yet painstakingly finite in detail, this work—like all of Bralds’ others—defies classification. From left to right: Somali, Bombay, White British Shorthair, Korat, Burmilla, Norwegian Forest Cat, Red Tabby American Shorthair.

Limited Edition Print

Signed and Numbered by the Artist

Edition Size:  950

Image size:  35"w x 19 7/8"h.

Picture of Unframed Print
Unframed Print
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