The Long Gray Line by Ben Maile

Limited Edition Lithograph
Signed and Numbered by the Artist.
Edition Size: 2331 With Seal SOLD OUT.
1000 No Seal SOLD OUT.
Image Size:18 3/4" x 26 7/8"
Framed Size : 29 1/4" x 36 1/2"
Artist: Ben Maile

In depicting a continuous corps of cadets passing in review, Maile tries to create the atmosphere, "the mystique, if you like… in a never-ending line of immortality." The Long Gray Line was first published in 1989 as the first in our West Point Series.

The Long Gray Line had an issue price of $95.00, and soon sold out. It has since become the most sought after military print ever published.


The Long Gray Line ranges in Fair Market Value- Depending on various issues.

1. Whether or not it has a West Point Seal (w/seal is more valuable).

2. Condition of the print.

3. Demand/Availability of the Print.

Fair Market Value on The Long Gray Line is currently between $7.000 and $9,000.

We have one in stock, 7,995.00

Picture of Unframed Print
Unframed Print
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Picture of Framed signed and numbered print.
Framed signed and numbered print.
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